Established in 1995, and located in the mould manufacturing base of Shenzhen,
PMP Mold is a  professional mould enterprise,
by  Careful material selection, precision equipment, intense employee training and a great deal of pride go into ensuring you receive a high quality product at a competitive price . our short leading time of mold making can meet your urgent requirement, for some case in emergency, the leading time can be tailored for you through overnight work with shift.
PMP Mold is a mold design and engineering company . Utilizing the unique knowledge familiar location and mold making resources in China, coupled with our expertise on the project management, we have been able to offer the mold at the lowest possible price and at an incredible quality. We are  specialized in  Most of the injection mold and die casting included fully automatic mechanisms using variety standard hot runner system
CNC Area
PMP Mold strive to manufacture world-rate quality,  intend to be your complete one-stop sourcing molding and product development services, Our goal is to be the fist-class manufacturer in China. The ability to produce mold at the highest international standard, strong engineering and design capability, fluent English communication skill, aggressive lead times, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of PMP Mold.
We are confident that once you placed an initial order with us, you will be convinced of the good quality, aggressive lead times, competitive price and high credit standing of us. The PMP Mold team looks forward to participating in the success of your next program




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