PMP Mold Mold design

Mold Flow

A good design is the heart of a mold,  PMP Mold  pays special attention to the mold construction, cooling channels and moving mechanisms to ensure the highest quality parts are delivered from its mold at the minimum cycle time. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life and to most ease maintenance,

3D  Design

The role of PMP Mold is to provide the greatest benefit to the final product by acting in partnership as your development team. PMP Mold is your project manager that utilizes our experience, knowledge, and technology to bring your product to the market quicker and cheaper.

3D  Mold Design

 PMP Mold can offer a full service plastic product development specializing in plastic part design, We  integrate the three key elements of industrial design, product design and tooling design early on and throughout the design process. It is these three elements combined with an in-depth background of plastic's engineering that helps to insure our customer's satisfaction!

2D Mold Design

PMP  Mold has a group of design engineers who bent on making progress, have academic credentials above three years education and abundant practical experience , adopt international and leading PRO/E, CAD/CAM/CAE computer's auxiliary technology , such as UG , MOLDFLOW , POWERMILL and AUTOCAD ,etc. carry on the design development of the products , is good at the product design of 3D. Dividing the mould, CAE mould flows and analyses , The high-speed process technology has already got general application, has offered the strong guarantee for production of the high quality , short delivery date mould .


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